Who we are


Since 2004, Benz Info Solutions computerizes and automates business processes, and provides enterprise content management solutions and custom services.


The objective of Benz Info Solutions is to optimise the productivity of your processes all while ensuring reliability and solidity of the implemented systems. We are proud to be able to help you with the experience we have acquired in implementing different management solutions for industrial companies.


The Benz Info team works very closely with ALC managers to better understand the needs of their client. Their advice in the development of business solutions helped creating products that are today recognized by the entire organization for their quality and efficiency. At both programming and working methods levels, Benz Info Solutions modern technical knowhow resulted in sustainable achievements.

Bruce Tremblay, ing Chief, Industrial Audits, AMERICAS Air Liquide

Social Implications

Since it's foundation, Benz Info Solutions is socially involved by supporting non-profit and educationnal and sports vocation organizations, such as :

  • The Délégation des compétitions informatiques (DCI) of the École de Technologie Supérieure (Montreal).
  • Association pour le Développement et l'Innovation en Chimie au Québec
  • Association for records managers and administrators (ARMA) Montreal
  • Coopérative d'achats stratégiques industriels (CASI)