Document Management

Benz Info Solutions document management system allows managing the life cycle of thousands of documents, instructions, procedures, manuals, regulations and certifications.

Majors companies must manage thousands of documents, procedures, manuals and regulations. Not only is it necessary to store and make these records accessible to authorised employees, but it is also essential to manage the life cycle of these documents, i.e

  • Manage the status and expiry dates of each document and notify the authors if and when a revision is necessary.
  • Follow the authoring and revision processes.
  • Allow authorised employees (auditor, approver, author, administrator) to initiate approval processes.
  • Alert individuals concerned of document revisions and require acknowledgement of receipt.
  • Efficiently retrieve documents from the database via an exhaustive search engine.
  • Restrict access to certain documents.
  • Allow compiling statistical reports.

Value added

  • Saves time, money and countless hours of emails, phone calls, organisation and follow-up meetings.
  • Increases productivity within large organizations with many subsidiaries and branches.
  • Is user friendly and uses standard modules: employees adopt it easily and want to keep using it.
  • Is a reliable and autonomous system.
  • Complies with customers’ processes and organizational structure.