Generation of product data sheets

Our application efficiently and seamlessly enables the generation of complex products datasheets for businesses producing a wide variety of products, each with their own specifications and quality standards. It generates proper information on each product and automatically forwards it to managers and authorised employees in the manucturing, filling, packaging, shipping, marketing and sales departments, including :

  • Generation of product filling and preparation forms in PDF format, in a flexible manner and using easy to use and flexible templates.
  • Generation of shipping, marketing and sales documents.
  • Remplacer les chaînes interminables de courriels et les fichiers Excel à révisions multiples.
  • Publication of these PDF documents in an external document management solution.


  • Automates the generation and distribution of technical data sheets.
  • Replaces endless chains of email and multiple Excel files revisions.
  • Saves thousands of hours of work.
  • Reliability.
  • Flexibility.
  • Easy and secure access by authorized users.