Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions are designed and developed for the most diverse environments:

  • Businesses and Governments operating several subsidiaries and branches with thousands of employees working in many plants scattered over large geographical areas.
  • Multilingual organizations.
  • Adapted to customer needs: global / modular solutions.

Document Management  

Benz Info Solutions industrial document management system allows managing the life cycle of tens of thousands of documents, working guidelines and procedures, manuals, regulations, certifications, etc.

Compliance Management  

Our solution manages your health, safety, environment and quality obligations along the supply chain and throughout all of your production and distribution facilities.

Generation of product data sheets  

Our application enables efficient and flexible generation of complex products and technical datasheets.

Timesheet management

Automates the calculation of hours worked by employees, departements and tasks in accordance with the terms of your collective agreements.

Inventory management

Manufacturing and production inventory is an essential asset for enterprise.

Automated generation of bids and distribution profiles

Automated generation of bids and distribution profiles.