Information is a strategic asset, yet information management is too often a weak point in business processes. Poorly managed information is a premise to poor quality decision making, and a risk exposure and time wasting factor (redundant tasks, hard to find information). Which are the solutions that meet your needs and expectations best? Our consulting, process analysis and design and development services will help you indentify them. Our approach is based on close collaboration with our clientele.

Consulting Services

Identification of Customer Requirements - Definition of Key Objectives – Analysis of Applications Architecture - Proposal of Suitable Solutions

For a proper understanding of your entreprise and its operations, we will analyse your current tools, your application architecture, and your business processes. Throughout our discussions, we will establish a diagnostic and work together in finding solutions in order to improve the situation. We are constantly faced with complex technological and organizational environments and have great adaptability to these environments.

Our solutions complies with the best practices and the highest industry standards, including :
  • TOGAF - The Open Group Architecture Framework – (enterprise information architecture)
  • ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library – IT Service Management

Process Analysis

Business Process Modeling – Intelligence of Operational and Information Flows - Objective: Improving Efficiencies

As the state of the economy forces industries to offer more on tighter budgets, operations must be as efficient as possible. Using the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standard, we will model your operational and information flows within your enterprise and from there unveil the malfunctions and the causes of time losses. If you are still at the stage of exchanging strategic data by email, we will be pleased to offer you much more efficient solutions.

Design and Development

Design and Development of Application - Project Management Using Agile Methodology – Use of the most recent and reliable web technologies

At Benz Info Solutions, software is designed and developed using the Agile project management method. The Agile approach focuses  on  customer’s  needs, and priorities are identified collaboratively. The Agile method offers rapid  and  incremental  delivery and allows customer to control the application throughout its development.

Based on your needs, our design and development service includes the following:

  • Functional analysis, unified modeling language (UML).
  • Model design.
  • Design and administration of a database in structured query language (SQL) Server 2000 and over.
  • Development of Application usign ASP.NET (versions 2/3.5/4).
  • Web integration in HTML5/CSS3/JQuery.
  • Deployment and hosting.